Background on Meals on Wheels by ACC

Serving approximately 500,000 meals to Sacramento County seniors annually, the Meals on Wheels by ACC program operates under the Older Americans Act of 1965, which established mandates for the provisions and funding of services to the 60-plus population. We are funded by the Area 4 Agency on Aging (A4AA), local grants, and private donations.


Meals on Wheels by ACC (MoW) is a tax exempt not for profit organization that is incorporated in California.  Its activities are governed by a voluntary Board of Directors who meet regularly, oversee all financial activities and agreements, and is responsible for MoW programs.

MoW was established in 2010 by ACC Senior Services, a tax exempt not for profit organization that is incorporated in California in response to Sacramento County’s decision to discontinue its 30 year sponsorship of the Senior Nutrition Program.  The Board of Directors of ACC elects the Directors of MoW, who in turn elect their own officers and organize committees as needed. 

The MoW Directors engages ACC Senior Services as its Managing Agent.  ACC provides administrative, financial, human resources, and fund development services for MoW. 

For information about ACC Senior Services, please visit their website at


To promote the general welfare and to enhance the quality of life for older adults by identifying, developing, and providing culturally sensitive nutritious meals and related activities.


The Sacramento County Department of Human Assistance began operating the Senior Nutrition Program in 1974 under a grant from the Area 4 Agency on Aging (A4AA). While the program was successful in the meal service provided to seniors, the County budget cuts of the 2008-2010 economic recession made continued operation financially unrealistic. Sacramento County advised the A4AA that it would discontinue sponsoring the senior nutrition program.

A4AA did not want to see the Meals on Wheels effort stop. Doing so would leave thousands of seniors without nutritious lunches, and hundreds of volunteers sidelined. A4AA sought a service provider to continue the meal program. The Asian Community Center (ACC) of Sacramento Valley Inc. responded to queries by creating a new 501(c)3 non-profit organization called “Meals on Wheels by ACC”.

The transition from the County to Meals on Wheels by ACC included many meetings with the County and city officials, volunteers, and congregate meal participants, and correspondence with home-delivered meal participants (many of whom agreed to sign-on with MoW by ACC).

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