Volunteer Internships

Meals on Wheels by ACC provides internships to students who are looking to fulfill degree requirements or gain experience in their intended field.

For a general internship, you can expect a well-rounded experience, including but not limited to:

  • Shadowing the program’s staff;
  • Driving delivery routes;
  • Working in the cafés and kitchen;
  • Socializing with and learning about the needs of seniors;
  • Completing administrative tasks;
  • Training or supervising other volunteers; and
  • Helping with the program’s day-to-day operation.

Interns are typically trained to fulfill all volunteer roles and fill in as necessary.

Example Day Itinerary for a General Internship

7:30AM		Report to office, research for a PowerPoint
8:20		Drive to the central kitchen for delivery route
8:45		Pack up meals and food items
8:55		Drive delivery route, socialize with seniors
10:30		Return to kitchen, perform end of route duties
10:45		Grab a bite to eat and head back to the office
11:30		Make a PowerPoint for an upcoming meeting
2:00PM		Train a volunteer to use the photocopier
2:05		Tel-A-Friend: call and chat with seniors
4:00		Finish up and head home

Specialized internships may be considered (for example, students pursuing higher degrees for which they need casework experience). Internship specifics can be discussed with the Volunteer Coordinator.

Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator to discuss internship possibilities.

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