Item Donation Drives

This list covers the basic items that we use on a regular basis. To make a donation or to let us know about your donation drive, please contact us


  • Holiday party supplies, decorative centerpieces
  • Birthday decorations

Gift Items

  • Personal gift items for seniors
  • Raffle items for seniors
  • Gift cards and gift certificates
  • Quilts and blankets
  • Flashlights and nightlights
  • Cards and board games


  • Placemats purchased or  handmade decorated
  • Birthday and Thinking of You cards
  • Pet food
  • Napkins, paper towels, paper cups, tissue
  • Markers
  • Oven mitts

Other Items

  • Office equipment
  • Printers

Food Items                                                                                                                                         All items must be made by a commercial kitchen or purchased. Please contact Meals on Wheels to determine if food items can be accepted.

Bulk Items: Please contact us if you are able to donate bulk food items.

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