Kitchen Volunteers

Community volunteers and groups support the production of our meals. Our meals are prepared in a central kitchen located in the City of West Sacramento.  The kitchen is operated by our contracted service provider, Bateman Senior Meals, and we share the responsibility in the production and packaging of our meals to keep our costs down.  Meals on Wheels staff will be present to help coordinate and assist with your group’s activities. 

Adult volunteers and group volunteers are needed to help. Kitchen assignments are Monday-Friday and normally in the mornings. Special arrangements can be made for volunteer groups. Please contact us to get started in supporting our kitchen operations.

Volunteer Expectations and Requirements:

  1. Volunteers will need to wear comfortable, closed-toe, non-slip style shoes. (Extended periods of standings should be expected.)
  2. Hairnets will be provided to participants that do not have a cap or hat as well as gloves and aprons.
  3. Please wear comfortable, layered clothing since it can get chilly or warm in the kitchen depending upon the weather and the activities in the kitchen.
  4. The kitchen is a commercial kitchen and though we can and will have fun, all volunteers and staff need to abide to safety, food handling, and health regulations.  All volunteers need to be healthy. Orientation and training will be done on site prior to the start of assignments.

Volunteer activities include a variety of tasks such as:

  1. Preparing meal trays on the Tray Line.
  2. Cupping fruit cups and sealing.
  3. Sealing bread slices and other items for home delivered meal participants.
  4. Packing meal boxes for delivery to home delivered meal participants or our congregate meal sites.
  5. Bagging food items and fruit for home delivered meal participants.
  6. Washing baking pans and kitchen ware.

Please note that several of the activities like the tray line, packing meals, sealing fruit cups and bread, etc. use mechanical equipment with adjustable speeds.  It helps speed up the work and makes for a strong teamwork atmosphere. 

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