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Meals on Wheels & Your Donation


More than Just a Meal

Meals on Wheels by ACC prepares, delivers and serves nutritious meals to more than 4500 seniors across Sacramento County. We provide over 2,000 hot meals each day Monday through Friday, and approximately 500,000 hot and frozen meals annually.

We also believe in providing “more than just a meal”. We encourage community and participant involvement, socialization, and café activities. Many of our volunteers are seniors themselves looking to connect and give back to their community.

For many seniors in Sacramento County, Meals on Wheels by ACC is the first service that they seek for assistance to help them stay in their own homes and live independently. However, without the meals supplied by our program, many seniors would be prematurely placed in assisted living or nursing homes due to their inability to shop for food or prepare their own meals. Meals on Wheels helps these seniors to continue to live independent and fulfilling lives.

Meals on Wheels in the Community

We partner with community organizations so that we can reach a larger population and help connect our participants to their communities. These organizations include 23 separate site providers for our All Seasons Cafés, including locations such as senior centers and churches, and ACC Rides, a program by the ACC Senior Services that provides transportation to 8 of the café locations.

We have also represented senior nutrition services at local health fairs in the effort to increase community awareness of our program and to educate the public about senior nutrition.

To learn more about our community partnerships, please see our list of partners.

You Help Make Our Work Possible

Meals on Wheels by ACC operates with a small staff and is largely supported by more than 500 dedicated volunteers who provide over 5,000 hours of work each month. This helps keep administrative costs down and ensures that the majority of your donation goes directly to the preparation, delivery and service of the meals themselves.

While volunteers’ time and skills are a large part of our operations, we cannot do this with volunteers alone. We need financial resources to provide volunteers with the supplies and tools necessary for them to complete their work, as well as to help coordinate their service through the office. Your donation directly impacts our ability to provide services to seniors and to provide resources to our dedicated volunteers.

Your generous donation to Meals on Wheels by ACC enables us to:

  • Provide seniors with 1/3 of the Daily Recommended Intake of calories, protein, vitamins and minerals, 5 days per week, 250-days a year;
  • Prepare, deliver and serve over 10,000 hot meals to seniors per week;
  • Improve the livelihood and health of seniors through balanced nutrition and nutrition education;
  • Reduce the isolation and loneliness of homebound seniors;
  • Engage mobile seniors in social, café-style settings and community activities;
  • Avoid the premature institutionalization of seniors who cannot prepare their own meals;
  • Help seniors maintain their independence and dignity;
  • Continue to provide meals for the more than 4500 seniors currently in the program; and to
  • Improve and expand on the services that we are already providing to Sacramento County and Placer County seniors.

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