Bateman Senior Meals Interviews COE Donna Yee

Since July 2010, Meals on Wheels by ACC has partnered with Bateman Seniors Meals to produce nutritious meals for seniors in our community. Bateman Seniors Meals reached out to interview COE Donna Yee about our partnership and mission.

For those living in the Sacramento area, it’s a geographically and ethnically diverse region, with urban, suburban, and many rural agricultural areas and a fast growing population of seniors. It can be difficult, unsafe or impossible for some seniors to walk or drive to a store that has affordable food, Yee said. Even for those who do have access to shopping, proper nutrition can be a challenge.

“It’s difficult to cook up a pot of stew or chili for just one person,” Yee said. “It’s a lot easier to just buy a can. But does that can of chili have enough nutritional value? Not always. And it almost certainly will have more sodium. It’s challenging for seniors, especially those living alone, to get high quality nutrition for the number of dollars they have and the resources they have available. That’s why programs like Meals on Wheels are so important.”

Read the full article: TheMorrisonWay Issue8_2014

Donna 2013 089-001

From Left to Right: Donna Yee, CEO of ACC, Managing Agent of MoW, Brian Chin, MoW Board Member, Judi Keen, MoW Board Member, and David Morikawa, Program Director


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