Meals on Wheels Celebrates Five Years of Service

It’s hard to believe that five years have gone by since we served our first meal.  Even though we have encountered many program changes in our efforts to meet the needs of our aging population, there are several aspects that haven’t changed.

First is the tremendous support, diligence and passion from our volunteers, café hosts, funders, community friends, donors and staff.  Without their commitment and dedication, Meals on Wheels by ACC would not be able to serve the many seniors that rely on our program for healthy meals, nutrition information, social interaction, and safety checks. 16860 MOW15 5th Annv Icon-02

Another aspect that hasn’t changed is the growing need for food and good nutrition throughout our community. Though much focus on hunger is given to children and families, seniors age 60 and older account for 25% of the population who reported themselves as facing hunger. If this is even partially true, Meals on Wheels by ACC is serving only a small portion of seniors who could benefit from our program.

As we celebrate our five years of service, we are humbled by all who have come to support our mission and further humbled by the enormity of the nutrition needs of our seniors.  We look forward to working even harder to help our seniors stay healthy and independent.


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