Why You Should Volunteer

Why You Should Volunteer

Volunteers are essential in providing caring and compassion to seniors in need of nutrition assistance. Together, volunteers provide over 5,000 hours of service each month and support the continuation of this program. Without the help of our compassionate and dedicated volunteers, we would be unable to serve the many seniors in need of meal assistance in Sacramento County.

Volunteers contribute at every stage of the program, from meal preparation to meal delivery. Office assistance is also greatly needed. Special volunteer opportunities are often arranged based on your skills, availability, and interests.

As a volunteer, you can:

  • Help seniors maintain an independent lifestyle;
  • Brighten the days of isolated and lonely seniors;
  • Work directly with your community;
  • Lend a hand in overall operations;
  • Develop friendships with seniors and other kindhearted volunteers;
  • Learn valuable skills and gain experience for your resume;
  • Fulfill community service or internship hours for school; and to
  • Make a difference, have fun, and be inspired!

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